Hello French addict !

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Hello French addict !
Massage body brush
Massage body brush
Massage body brush
Andrée Jardin

Massage body brush


Inspired by the toiletries of our dear grandmothers, reflecting a true French way of life, this brush will bring you all the care your skin needs. Its thermo heated ash wood 100% natural and of French origin has an excellent resistance to humidity.

• Thermo-heated ash wood
• White silk

Made in Nantes 

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The two brothers Jean-Baptiste and François-Marie Julio are bringing the mythical brushes of our grandmothers back into fashion! Today, our dustpan and brush sets are no longer hiding in our pantries; they become actual decoration objects in our homes. With their quirky line of objects, Jean-Baptiste and François-Marie are also contributing to preserve traditional know-how and ensuring a top level of quality.

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