Hello French addict !

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Hello French addict !


Subtle, utterly feminine and slightly retro: Tassia Canellis’ creations are symbols of craftsmanship, from the simplest techniques to the most elaborate jewelry-making skills. Since 2007, her precious, unique fine gold jewelry is made in three French workshops. Tassia Canellis also designs men’s bracelets, through her “Ort” line.

5 questions to the designer

Who are you?
I am Tassia Canellis, founder of the 8-year-old eponymous jewelry brand. Before I started my own business, I trained as a graphic designer and worked for seven years as an artistic director in a communications agency – an experience that has proven invaluable for my current business. 

Give us 3 words that describe your universe.
Subtle, pure and timeless. 

Where do you get your inspiration?
Everywhere! I don’t have a specific working method or a set theme for my collections. Someone’s style, a movie, a color, a landscape, a photograph, a travel destination or other moments in life can become sources of inspiration. I then design a piece of jewelry and I proceed to produce it. My jewelry is fine and delicate, a bit like a second skin, like an integral part of the person who wears it. I like that idea. 

Where do you make your products?
I work with three different workshops, all located in France. Each has its own know-how, from “simple” wire-working to more technical jewelry skills or weaving. I discuss each production stage with them, from the very first steps of the creative process, which often generates productive exchanges allowing for unexpected designs to emerge. I then produce my pieces following customer demand. 

“Made in France”: why that choice?  
I think it is important to be able to follow up on production and exchange quickly and easily with the workshops. It allows me to be responsive and deliver the products to my customers in a timely manner. I am lucky enough to be able to offer affordable collections while relying on our valuable French traditional craftsmanship and skills.

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