Hello French addict !

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Hello French addict !


The story of Philémon 1889 begins with a forgotten suitcase in the family attic. It has a first name and a date on it: Philémon, 1889. On discovering the objects behind a life — a razor, a shaving brush and shaving soap — Jean-Luc Courtial and Antoine Fagot also uncovered the inspiration to start Philémon 1889, and today they honor their ancestors by reinterpreting male grooming rituals.

5 questions to the designer

Who are you?
Antoine Fagot and Jean-Luc Courtial. We chose to reinterpret ancestral male grooming rituals by offering a line of innovative skincare products and accessories that are 100% male, 100% authentic and 100% French. We strive to make rationalism rhyme with hedonism. With its multi-purpose products that are specifically designed for male skin and hair, Philémon invents functional male grooming, with a reduced number of products on the bathroom shelf.

Give us 3 words that describe your universe.
Hedonist, quirky, uninhibited.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Sharing a beer with friends!

Where do you make your products?
Philémon takes up the challenge to be a 100% French brand of cosmetics. Everything is crafted and produced in France, with no exceptions, which allows for top quality and traceability. Philémon masters the whole manufacturing process, with the benefits of proximity and without the downsides of globalization.

“Made in France”: why that choice?
In a perspective of sustainable development, Philémon creates eco-responsible products by choosing local suppliers and using the traditional skills of our regional craftsmen to produce exclusive, unique accessories.

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