Hello French addict !

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Hello French addict !


Adeline Schwab is an embroiderer trained by the Royal School of Needlework of London, and at only 24 years old, she won The Embroiderer’s Guild competition for best gold work embroidery. After showcasing her work in several exhibitions, this exceptional embroiderer worked and designed for the most prestigious Parisian brands. As the head of embroidery department in the fashion house Olympia Le-Tan for three years, Adeline creates the clutches’ prototypes and discovers how to embroider with felt fabric, which then became a true passion for her. In 2020, Adeline creates in Paris, her own embroidery brand Maison Monstre in order to offer her own designs and lets her vivid imagination take over. All the pins are made by hand in her Parisian workshop. Maison Monstre is the only brand to offer made in France pins made out of felt.

5 questions to the designer

Who are you?
I am a passionate embroidery designer. Embroidery is for me a limitless art that I will never cease to develop. I was born and raised in Paris until I was 18 and I then moved to London in order to study. Now at 32 years old, I live in Paris and I am building my own brand Maison Monstre.

A Life Before Maison Monstre ?
Before launching my own brand, I was the head of the embroidery department at the fashion house Olympia Le-Tan. I took care of the clutches and embroidered by hand the prototypes. I have also showcased my work in several exhibitions and worked in many prestigious brands as an embroiderer.

Give us 3 words that describe your universe.
Miniature, unique et fun.

What made you want to get started ?
I have always wanted to create my brand in order to offer my own embroidery designs. I love to embroider in ateliers and fashion houses but I really wanted and needed to let my creative side shine. In October 2020, under lockdown, I was hit by the "now or never" and I created Maison Monstre.

Where do you find inspiration ?
Pop culture (the Spice Girls rather than Andy Warhol), current trends, the jungle that has always fascinated me and the little things of everyday life.

Where do you make your creations ?
In my atelier in Paris, just below Montmartre.

Why did you choose Made in France ? 
For me, the “Made in France” is very important, firstly because I take great pleasure in making my pins myself. Many brands relocate the production of their embroidery abroad where low production costs take over quality. When my two hands will no longer be sufficient, I will recruit other embroiderers in France, because I want to promote French craftsmanship. In France, we have wonderful artists, but many of them find it difficult to find work because of relocation, it is time to recognize their skills.

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