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Soothing candle
Feret Parfumeur

Soothing candle


Natural and handcrafted Candle, Perfume from Grasse, powdery rose fragrance. 100% vegetal wax made from ethically sourced vegetal such as soy wax and rice wax. Environmentally friendly, pollution free, no black soot.

• 180 gr
• Burn approximately 40 hours
• Without parraffin
• No toxic effects

Made in France

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Born in 1878 and passed from father to son for more than a century, Féret Parfumeur is a family-owned company specializing in all-natural beauty products that span generations. Whether you opt for the Bloc Hyalin or the organic honey jelly Hyalomiel, Féret Parfumeur products are an absolute must in your retro-chic bathroom.

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