Collection: Adónde

¿Adonde? is a brand of contemporary design, 100% French, as its name does not indicate! Laurent and Javier, the two in-house designers, offer minimal and timeless collections in which we find unconventional objects. ¿Adonde? makes it a point of honor that their products respect ecology. This translates into local manufacturing and the use of recycled or environmentally friendly materials.

5 questions to the designer

Who are you?
Two designers who love objects that are simple and functional but also appealing, because of their little extra something.

Give us 3 words that describe your universe.
Minimalist, simple, geometric, useful, colorful...

Where do you get your inspiration?
Everywhere, in nature, in simple geometry. Each of our creations nurtures the others. We work as explorers of shape and volume.

Where do you make your products?
Most of our objects are made in France by artisans or very small factories.

“Made in France”: why that choice? 
Because it’s right next to us or at least not far away, because communication is way more simple, because we want to help preserve French skills, know-how and craftsmanship, and because local talent is a precious thing.