Collection: Bleu de Chauffe

Boiler blue is the name given to the blue jacket worn by railway workers in the days of the railway to heat water and build up pressure in the first steam locomotives. The expression "Bleu de Chauffe" was born. Inspired by the workers and craftsmen who carried these old craft bags, Alexandre Rousseau and Thierry Batteux wanted to infuse their collections with style, ingenuity, simplicity and authenticity.

5 questions to the designer

Who are you?
Bleu de Chauffe is made up of two partners: Alexandre Rousseau and Thierry Batteux. Alexandre works on design and style, Thierry works on business and marketing.

Give us 3 words that describe your universe.
Stylish, authentic, eco-friendly.

Where do you get your inspiration?
We draw inspiration from traditional workwear. We redesign it for new urban and contemporary users.

Where do you make your products?
In Saint-Georges de Luzençon, a small village next to the Millau Viaduct.

“Made in France”: why that choice?
“Made in France” rhymes with responsibility, quality and responsiveness.