Who are we?

It’s not just a lifestyle — it’s a signature. A growing number of talented young French designers are now choosing to keep all the levels of their production chains in France. A wise decision that adds to their prestige both locally and internationally. But until today, what they were lacking was a hub, a space that would allow customers to track down and discover the finest selection of “made in France” products and brands. This is when Le Bazar Français comes in!

Beauty, quality, uniqueness… We, at Le Bazar Français, are keen advocates of our inimitable French touch. We believe in the timeless style and charm of creativity à la française. We have been travelling all around the country to locate the very best of French-made fashion, design, jewelry, tableware, stationery and more.

Our number one requirement: that all the products available in our shop are actually devised, designed and manufactured in France. Be it in Lyon, Marseille, the Jura Mountains or Parisian studios, everything is local, from the concept to the object. By supporting “made in France” products, we aim to develop a more virtuous, socially responsible vision of commerce that helps maintain local businesses, jobs and traditional craftsmanship. We strive to protect the environment and our health by being extra careful about the origin of raw materials, and the manufacturing and recycling processes used by our partner brands.

Our select store is the perfect place to make an environmentally and ethically responsible choice that rhymes with creativity, beauty and pleasure, so… Have fun! Be amazed! Tell us what you love… And French up your style!

Welcome to Le Bazar Français!