Our commitments

Since 2017, Le Bazar Français strives daily to support French designers who choose to manufacture their merchandise in France. For each product available on our website, we inquire about:

1/ The manufacturing site and number of employees of the brand, to stand up for local employment. We make sure that the product is really manufactured in France – not just locally assembled or finalized.

2/ For each product, we are careful about upholding environmental norms, from raw material sourcing and production modes to manufacturing and recycling processes.

3/ To maintain the highest quality standards, we visit our designers’ local factories and workshops. When we don’t have the opportunity to do so, we require photos or videos of the manufacturing process to share with you !

In a nutshell: from sourcing and production of raw materials to manufacturing and recycling processes and compliance with environmental norms, we check that all the steps involved in making each product are aligned with the values we stand for. Preserving local jobs and crafts that sometimes date back centuries, and endorsing fair trade, Le Bazar français strives to be a confluence of these social and cultural best practices.

And whenever we have the slightest doubt, or we detect a marketing trick based on a lie, we turn down both the product and the brand. Some designers manufacture one part of their collections in France and the other in Portugal. In that case, we only select the items made in France to be sold on our website, as is the case with Bonne Maison socks.

Shipping and delivery also meets our high ethical and entrepreneurial standards – we try to be as eco-responsible as possible:

1/ We reuse all the paper and protective filling we get from designers’ deliveries.
2/ Whenever possible, we reuse cardboard boxes and wrapping.
3/ Inside Paris, we offer bike delivery, allowing us to use minimal packaging.
4/ We print all orders on recycled paper.
5/ Our cards and lapel pins are made in France.

Lastly, we partner with FIMIF (Fédération Indépendante du Made in France), and founders of the “Origine France Garantie” label, Yves Jégo and Arnaud Montebourg, have expressed their warm support to Le Bazar français.