Collection: Le Béret Français

Le Béret Français was born in 2012 from the meeting of an entrepreneur passionate about “Made in France”, with artisans with exceptional know-how. Convinced of the development potential of the beret in France and internationally, our entrepreneur Rodolphe, although new to this field, decided to create a beret factory. The berets are 100% made in France. They are the result of expertise passed down from generation to generation. We have been able to combine artisanal know-how, fashion and innovation. Just like the beret, historically created in Béarn, then developed in the Basque Country, the French Beret factory left Béarn in 2018 to settle in Bayonne.


By supporting Made in France brands, you are supporting a demanding French workforce that evolves with respectful conditions.

It means helping a local savoir-faire and buying products from nearby; coming by train, by bike
or even by walk ! Amazing, isn’t it?