Collection: Bandit Manchot

It is by digging into the scrabble of their beautiful intentions that three friends, in vogue with the most prestigious designers from Nina Ricci to Vanessa Bruno, created the brand of leather accessories Bandit Manchot. Under this name, they give life to a laboratory of modernity visiting a past recomposed by them. A collection of leather pouches with markings like tattoos, engraved in the flesh and made in France.

5 questions to the designer

Who are you?
Three women, three leather addicts. 

Give us 3 words that describe your universe. 
Colorful, playful and clever. 

Where do you get your inspiration?
Anywhere, from movies to art shows, and of course from shopping in major cities. 

Where do you make your products?
All of our products are manufactured in Graulhet, in the Tarn region. 

“Made in France”: why that choice?
Because the grass is not greener elsewhere! We know it firsthand from our own extensive experience with production in China or India. And Graulhet is a historical landmark for leather production, full of incredible craftsmen with exceptional skills.